SPICE is the acronym for Student Parent Interactive Classroom Environment. This program is offered to students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Families of students enrolled in the SPICE program provide 45 hours of volunteering, attend monthly meetings, participate in a variety of fund-raising events, and pay an annual family fee of $110 to participate. Currently enrolled families always have the opportunity to return for the coming year and new families are invited to enroll into open spaces each spring. For additional information regarding participation, you are welcome to phone Seth Woodard at 921-2160 and leave a message for the enrollment coordinator.
Kindergarten SPICE Enrollment
District-wide enrollment for kindergarten students begins on March 1. In order for students to be considered for admittance into the SPICE program, families with active WVSD students should log into Skyward and click "Request NEW Student Enrollment." New families enrolling a student in WVSD for the first time should click here to initiate the enrollment process.  
Parents must also submit a signed SPICE Agreement (found by clicking the SPICE Forms button on the right menu bar) and the parent contribution to the Seth school office. Families will be informed by the Executive Committee once they are accepted into the program.