Seth Woodard Elementary School

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Office Hours are 8:00 am-3:30 pm.  School begins at 9:00 am and dismisses at 3:30 pm.  Please check the Late Start calendar for Late Start Days.

Staff Directory


Title   Last Name   First Name   eMail
Principal   Lollar   Mike   email
Office Manager   Garza   Julie   email
Assistant Secretary   McCollum   Laurie   email


Last     First      Title    eMail
Amado    Tina    2nd Grade Teacher   email
Arter    Camilla    4th Grade Teacher   email
Behrens    Gina    Literacy/Math Instructional Coach   email
Belknap    Jamie    1st/2nd Grade Combo Teacher   email
Callihan    Serena    5th Grade Teacher   email
Campbell    Brian    3rd Grade Teacher   email
Daley    Brianna    5th Grade Teacher   email
Farris    Jordan    2nd Grade Teacher   email
Goodnight    Randi    1st Grade Teacher   email
Gordon    Keelyn    Technology and Library Specialist   email
Keeling    Tessa    3rd Grade Teacher   email
Keenan    Bonnie    Kindergarten Teacher   email
Kline    Stacia    4th Grade Teacher   email
Oxford    Holly    Behavior Intervention   email
Semler    Doug    PE Teacher   email
Semler    Jeannie    1st Grade Teacher   email
Wagner    Barb    Music Teacher   email
Wallis    Lauren    Lifeskills SPED   email
Waterbury    Lynn    SPED Teacher   email
Fried   Callie   Counselor   email
Keroack   Janet   Counseling Assistant   email
Davis   Laurie   Nurse   email
Dordal   Susan   Psychologist   email
Johns   Grace   Nurse    
Krueger   Karen   Physical Therapist   email
Lavrova   Natalya   ELL     
Weik   Dawn   SLP   email
Alvarez   SanJuana   SPED Para Educator    
Brown   Barbara   Lifeskills Para Educator    
Kelly   Heather   Title/LAP Para Educator    
Lollar   Aaron   Behavior Para Educator    
Pointer   Rene   Lifeskills Para Educator    
Powell   Rebecca    Behavior Para Educator    
Weese   Malana   Lifeskills Para Educator    
Wells   Robin   Title/LAP Para Educator    
Wold   Don   SPED Para Educator    
Wold   Susan   SPED Para Educator    
Sherrill   Casey    Head Custodian    
Gariepy   Shari   Kitchen Manager    
Hanson   Rachel   Kitchen