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Play UnPlugged Summer Program


Play UnPlugged is about encouraging kids to put down their electronics so they can get out and play.  Local businesses have sponsored fun activities and “Brag Badges” for the kids to do this summer.  They can complete the activity anywhere and then visit the sponsoring business to pick up the badge.  Each Brag Badge has points they can collect and then turn in for rewards as defined by you the parent via the Play UnPlugged website.  We will have prizes for the students in the fall based on their participation over the summer.  The goal is to help kids re-engage with the real world and help parents plan a fun and exciting summer.

There is NO cost to participate.  Program starts June 1 and ends August 31.  Here are some website links for more information and updates on summer events.  or

Check out Brag Badge College at the HUB Sports Center on June 28, July 24, or August 22 for earn multiple badges at one time and location.

You may also contact the HUB Sports Center for more information. 509-927-0602

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